ERGONOMIC TOOL AND LOAD BALANCERS distributes a complete line of spring balancers produced by TECNA S.p.A. in Bologna, Italy. Balancers are designed for multiple industry use and offer special models specific to industrial applications including manufacturing, food lines, charging stations, and potentially explosive and flammable environments. Models are designed for power, pneumatic and hydraulic, and special applications.

Designed with Multiple Industries in Mind

Balancers are an essential device that eliminates operator stress which creates a safer work environment. This equipment also reduces wear and tear on hoses, cables, tools, and machines. The impact on your bottom line is significant with improved workplace safety, increased productivity, and extended life of expensive equipment. Spring balancers are designed for versatility by facilitating simple tasks to supporting power lifting from single workstations to assembly lines. Weight capacities range from 0.2 KG to 180 KG with stroke lengths up 3 meters. Extension cables and hose and air hose spiral accessories are available upon request. Retractor type balancers allow the operator to use tools with minimum effort. When released, the load will return to the set rest position. The Zero gravity type balancers allow the operator to use the tool without feeling the weight. The load maintains the position where you leave it.

Customized versions can be produced upon request. TECNA USA is available for support and questions.